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KCPL is committed to connecting parents with the tools they need to spark children's imagination and become lifelong readers. In addition to books, online resources, and other materials that support reading for fun and learning, we offer year-round programming for children and teens of all ages.

Join us for programs, check out books and other materials, explore our eLibrary, and make using the library a regular family experience.

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Early Literacy & Learning
During their first three years, children's brains grow and develop at a tremendous rate. You can help prepare your children for success in school and later in life by engaging them with simple activities that promote the development of language and literacy skills.

Reading with Children & Teens
KCPL encourages parents to take an active role in helping their children find great books to read and making reading for pleasure an everyday activity. We are happy to recommend books and other materials based on your child’s interests and can also help find resources for school projects and other assignments.


KCPL can help you meet the educational needs of your students. As a teacher, you are eligible to apply for a special Teacher Card that will grant an extended borrowing period for books and other resources you would like to use in your classroom. To apply, bring your school ID to any of our locations and talk to any staff member.

We encourage school groups to take field trips to the library! All grades are welcome and we will work with you to plan an age-appropriate tour and activity. Contact the Children’s Librarian to make arrangements for a class visit.

If you are an art teacher, contact the Children's Librarian for information about exhibiting your students' artwork at the library.

Check out Educator's Reference Complete for articles and resources for educators and administrators from preschool to college level.

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